If you were living at The Cypress, you wouldn’t be as worried.


I guess we all made it over the “Fiscal Cliff” intact – at least for now!

I was touring a prospect today who asked me what will happen now with health care, the economy, social security, interest rates – the whole litany of uncertainty surrounding the future. Just as I was about to say “nobody really knows,” a Cypress Member who overheard our conversation, arrived with a simple answer:

If you were living at The Cypress, you wouldn’t be as worried.”

He was right. While we all know life – even at The Cypress – will always have uncertainties, living at The Cypress provides an environment of advocacy and protection that doesn’t exist in your own home. It is something everyone kind of assumes could be the case, but until you live here, you can’t realize how comforting and wonderful such security and peace of mind can be. And that doesn’t even count the fun involved!

In the almost 17 years I have worked with The Cypress, working with literally thousands of people, I have never known anyone to regret their move to The Cypress. Almost to a person, they have all felt they wished they had done it sooner.

To that end, if you haven’t toured The Cypress, or still have questions about the value of Cypress living, please consider coming to one of our “Seminar & Luncheon” series, with the next two occurring on February 5th and 6th . Just let us know your desire to come on the “Contact Us” page of this website!

Regardless of what happens in 2013, we at The Cypress wish you a most prosperous, healthy and happy New Year! And, we hope you can enjoy it here at The Cypress!


“You’ll never feel lonely or alone”

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