6 Summer Travel Tips for Seniors

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Where are you headed this summer — an exotic locale in an international destination? Maybe you’re staying closer to home and visiting a U.S. city you’ve never seen. Wherever you’re going, travel is a great way to socialize, stay active and create memories.

We’ve put together some tips to help you stay safe and comfortable on your summer journeys. Don’t forget to have a fabulous time!

Do Your Homework

Planning is a critical ingredient for a great trip. You’ll want to know about the weather and the must-see spots — and the language and customs if you’re going out of the country.

Be sure to get travel insurance for your trip, and make arrangements for accommodation of any medical necessities — including the availability of elevators and comfortable seating, if you need them. Book your flight, hotel and activities as early as possible for the best rates.

Pack Light

You can lighten your traveling load — literally — by being judicious in what you pack. One option for unburdening your suitcase is taking less clothing and planning to do laundry as needed. Ideally, you’ll fit everything you need in a rolling suitcase that can be carried on a plane, relieving you of the hassle of checking luggage. If you do have to bring a second bag, consider a small one that stacks atop — and attaches to — your primary suitcase.

Don’t forget critical items like medications — which should never go in checked luggage — along with travel documents and a collapsible water bottle.


Choose Convenient Accommodations

Take time to research the advantages and disadvantages of any lodging you select, and adjust as needed. For instance, if you’d rather not climb stairs, book a ground-floor room or a building with an elevator. Choosing a spot in the middle of the city may provide you an opportunity to take a mid-day break between activities. On the other hand, being near the airport or train station can save you time.

Stay Safe

Don’t be an easy target: Leave your expensive jewelry at home, use the buddy system, and be careful where you go at night. Stow any valuable items, including your currency and credit cards, in a belt that goes next to your skin underneath your clothing.

Keep an Eye on Your Health

Before you go, consider getting a full physical exam, and discuss with your doctor any medical needs pertaining to your trip — including your diet and medications. If you’re traveling internationally, inquire about any necessary vaccinations.

During your travels, make sure you always have pure water and some healthy snacks available. Keep in mind that it’s easy to get dehydrated on a long flight, and sip water throughout. If you take medications, bring extras, and stock extra batteries if you wear hearing aids. A spare pair of glasses, if you need them, also isn’t a bad idea.

Enjoy the Sights!

You’ve done your planning, booked suitable accommodations and taken the requisite steps to stay healthy and safe on your trip. Now there’s just one more thing: Have a great time!

At The Cypress of Charlotte, our residents love to travel and enjoy peace of mind knowing that their home will be safe and sound while they’re away! Contact us today to schedule your personal tour.


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