When is it Time to Move to a Senior Community?

Moving isn’t something that most people look forward to. While it can be exciting to relocate due to a career change or the addition of a new family member, when it’s time to leave their current home, many seniors would rather stay put. However, downsizing and moving to a senior community has a ton of benefits. Not only will seniors be able to say goodbye to time-consuming chores around the house, but most continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) offer their residents access to great amenities and activities, medical care, social outings and delicious dining choices as well. It’s never too soon to start thinking about your retirement options. So, keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of retirement communities like The Cypress of Charlotte.

How Do You Know That It’s Time to Make the Move to a Senior Retirement Community?

Timing a big move to a senior living community can be tricky because the decision is a highly personal one. Some families chose senior living because their loved ones are no longer able to support themselves in their current residence. While others decide to make the move to address future medical, social and personal needs. Whatever the case — moving to a retirement community is a decision that shouldn’t wait until the last minute. Transitioning to life in a continuing care retirement community early on (before the need is evident) is the best possible choice for a person’s long term mental and physical well-being.

| One of the top recommendations we hear from our residents is “I wish I moved sooner.” 

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) are designed for active older adults who cherish their independence and want to live fulfilling lives in retirement. Communities like The Cypress of Charlotte offer luxurious independent living for these seniors; and as residents enjoy their retirement, they can rest assured knowing they’re covered with services included in a lifelong Membership like assisted living or memory care if or when they need additional healthcare. 

CCRCs offer homes or apartments to rent or buy for seniors to enjoy independent living. These individuals (often 55+) enter the community in independent living with the opportunity to enjoy the numerous services and amenities that the community has to offer. If one’s health begins to slip, they are supported by a caring nursing staff who ensure the individual can still enjoy as much independence as possible. 

Too Many Close Calls

As we age, accidents can become much more common and even the most mundane of daily activities can result in a medical emergency. If you are prone to home falls or other incidents where help or medical attention is needed, you may want to consider the benefits of living in a senior living community. Increased access to care, security and assisted living or rehabilitation are all available within a CCRC setting.

Slower Recovery Times

Quick recovery time after an illness or injury is a good indication of health. However, when recovery times begin to increase significantly, there may be cause for concern. For example, it’s normal for adults to experience a cold now and then, but if your health frequently declines or easily advances into something more serious, you may benefit from an increased level of care.

Hard-to-Handle Household Chores

For most older adults, keeping up with regular home maintenance is a difficult task, even at the best of times. With home ownership comes the seemingly constant flow of yard work, minor repairs and simple housekeeping chores. If you are tired of or unable to handle basic household chores, making the move to a senior retirement community can help take away that extra layer of pressure and clear up time to enjoy your golden years.  

Drastically Changing Moods

Everyone struggles with maintaining a positive mental attitude all the time – and it’s completely normal to have a down day every now and again. However, if you live alone, you may begin to experience frequent episodes of depression or loneliness, which is a cause for concern. Living alone can be taxing, and their depression can become a serious health concern for seniors. One of the biggest benefits of moving to a senior retirement community is the social calendar. There are numerous activities to participate in on a daily basis, and since residents are around the same age, they can spend time with peers who have similar life goals.

Lack of Hobbies or Difficulty Maintaining Friendships

Staying active in your golden years is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Whether you go to a weekly bridge club meeting, volunteer at the local animal shelter or have weekly lunch catchups with family, maintaining a full and healthy social life is essential. However, if you notice that you are spending more time alone, transitioning into an active lifestyle at the retirement community could be the change you need to enjoy a positive and enriching life.

What Makes Life Great at The Cypress of Charlotte?

With many years of experience in the industry, we know better than anyone that it’s never too early to start thinking about your retirement years. Whether you’ve been itching to sell your current home and downsize to independent living or you’re interested in enjoying on-site medical care here at The Cypress of Charlotte, there are many amazing benefits of moving to a Charlotte CCRC.

Making the move to a senior living community means that your golden years can be stress-free and comfortable. Interested in learning more about the Cypress of Charlotte? Please contact one of our friendly move-in coordinators today for more information.

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