Fun Things for Senior Citizens to Do

Fun Things for Senior Citizens to Do


Your definition of fun may look different than others or may even evolve as you mature but as long as it brings you joy, there are plenty of fun things for senior citizens to do. What you do can positively impact who you are and how you enjoy your best life in those golden retirement years. In fact, staying engaged and active just 15 minutes a day is linked to living longer, so why not spend it doing something you find entertaining? Check out some of the common (and not so common) activities that you can enjoy when you reach the season of life where your only job is having the time of your life.


You’re a Natural

Whether you like to watch wildlife from the comfort of your balcony window or actually participate with a hike or a backyard garden, seniors often find nature to have a calming, renewal effect. Simply unplugging from your usual electronics and indulging in some fresh air sure is appealing during the warmer months when everything is in bloom.

Visiting your local park or pioneering a new walking trail are accessible gateways to enjoying the outdoors. Dogs have been known to be natural companions to encourage trips outside, sometimes transforming a serene stroll into a frolicking adventure if you let them. If you are not a fan of interacting with nature, simply dine al fresco to take in all the chirping, breezy ambience. 


Fitness that Fits

Initiating or maintaining your exercise routine supports leading an independent lifestyle, especially in a community setting that has all the amenities available on-site. Because it is a naturally dynamic and customizable activity, it’s also a prime opportunity to fall in love with a new form of fitness like Zumba, Yoga or Tai Chi. If the exercise that Zumba features in many of it’s choreography feels more like dancing then you are bound to enjoy yourself every high energy step of the way, plus the group setting is great for social wellness.

Many programs modify the intensity so seniors can get the most out of it without straining joints or muscles. In fact, research shows that Yoga for seniors can actually help prevent the onset of osteoporosis, relieve stress, improve sleep habits, and strengthen those bodily systems (balance, flexibility, inflammation) that traditionally break down with age. A fun activity that is also good for your well being? Outstanding.


Hands On Creation

It’s never too late to create something original and one of the best ways to feel more vibrant is to invoke change with your own two hands. There is genuine artistry in everything, but if you choose sculpture, gardening or knitting those are great options to start the process of making something you can be proud to share or cherish. So go ahead and grow those heirloom tomatoes, make a quilt from old t-shirts, or glaze a mug that will soon be your go to goblet for your morning coffee. Remember, there are no boundaries or rules to what fun looks like, just the fact that you can find fun things to do is a little victory worth celebrating. 


Find Your Social Center

Clubhouses are usually the center of activity in any continuing care retirement community but if you find your social core, a big event could be just as fun as an intimate dinner party. Bring the fun inside with a home movie night or a book club meeting. Making connections and staying connected to the people who make you laugh is the best company to keep. Invite a neighbor over for a drink, FaceTime your grandkids, or take your spouse out for dinner.

You are now available to make the most of every moment, and how fun is it to indulge in a wine tasting in the middle of week? The possibilities are boundless when friends and family come together.


Helping Others

Finding your happiness sometimes looks like helping someone find their own. Being altruistic is a profound way to not only do some good, but also feel good about yourself. Volunteering opportunities are everywhere and can be rewarding. Donating your time or resources to your local humane society, non-profit organizations or a neighbor in need gives a deeper sense of fulfillment than sitting passively in front of the television.

Spending an afternoon or a couple weekends teaching school aged kids how to read, or serving the underserved populations some home cooked food definitely nourishes your soul muscles and brings joy to the masses.


Creative Ways

Fun things for senior citizens to do may only be possible by imaginative self-starting, so instead of waiting for perfect conditions or existing activities, forge your own “fun foundation” by creating a bird watching jogging group, or amateur chef charity program in your community. If one of your retirement goals is to do the things you love whether its a solo activity or involves the whole family, now is the time to actualize those dreams into motion.

Remember, the happiest people make time for the things they deem worthy and finding joy in everyday life definitely seems to be worthwhile. 


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