4 Reasons Why Life Begins at Retirement

4 Reasons Why Life Begins at Retirement

Free time. Fun. Friends. Family. Food. Travel. All of these are commonly advertised reasons why life begins at retirement, even perceived as “the golden years” of someone’s life. Research shows that it’s not just retirement that lengthens your life expectancy, but what you do during that time that contributes positively to your overall health. Not only can you say that life begins at retirement, but life also prospers at retirement. Read on for some positive perks you can expect after you begin the next chapter of your life.


  1. Good for You.

    Being free from work responsibilities is a profound source of stress relief and it shows when you enter retirement. A Dutch study analyzing retiree data in the U.S. found surprising results concluding that about seven years of retirement can be as good for your health as reducing the chance of getting a serious disease (like diabetes or heart conditions) by 20 percent. Engaging in wellness programs like circuit training or a swim class, attending regular social activities or even taking a walk can all have positive impacts on your overall health and well being. Many retirement communities approach wellness in a comprehensive way, covering multiple dimensions of their residents’ health ranging from physical, emotional, spiritual and even vocational (volunteerism) aspects. Ensuring a well rounded approach can support their life expectancy and also quality of life while they are maintaining an active lifestyle.

  2. Room to Make Memories.

    Retirement isn’t just the dawn of the empty nest, but also the opportunity to make new memories. It’s true that we make time for the things that are important to us, but when your day is up to you, it becomes easier to prioritize how you want to spend your free time. Now that your week is less structured by the Monday through Friday work week, you don’t have to conform to all things fun and family for just two days. This new, bonus room of time and energy is discretionary, or a recreational wild card for whatever you’re interested in doing, learning, exploring, etc. Many seniors find themselves dating again, finding joy in simple pleasures like cooking or painting, or finally discovering the mental space to finish their memoir. A vacant guest room doesn’t mean you are alone, you can start filling up your living space with you and your passions, which can feel like a new beginning for many. Start thinking of this chapter with the prefix “re” as you would find in the term “retirement”, but more like “renewal”, “rebirth”, or even “rebound”. Retirement can be the greenhouse that gives you the room and resources to blossom. 

  3. Focus on Family and Friends.

    Your family and friends will always be on your priority list, but after you retire, the roles may shift slightly. Instead of being the primary caretaker, you can shift attention back on you, your needs, dreams or desires. Being a parent or even a grandparent sure is rewarding, but more so if you have the time to recharge. Friends, if they have hit the same milestone of retirement, are suddenly filling your social calendar up with get-togethers and group getaways. Whether you’re the matriarch or the patriarch of the family, your home is often the hub of all family activities. With a spacious, custom home in a close knit community setting is the perfect backdrop for casual visits or family holidays, with you at the center of the excitement.

  4. Exploring You and Your World.

    An open calendar can lead to an open door- to traveling and exploring your world. Retirement is the most opportune time to discover something new and distance yourself from the normal comforts of home. Booking that flight for a food tour of Italy or reserving a romantic getaway in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains could be the start of a tiny adventure. Let your passport be your guide to new tastes, people, cultures, sights and beyond. You now have the time and head space to welcome new experiences or chase old dreams that called the back burner home while you were working. 

Life Begins at Retirement, and Prospers at The Cypress of Charlotte

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