4 Ways to Maintain Active Senior Living

Staying Active in Retirement is Important

At The Cypress of Charlotte, we believe that it’s extremely important to practice active senior living in retirement—and we’re not alone!  Research has found multiple benefits for seniors who stay active. Regular physical exercise and maintaining social connections can actually help ward off or prevent a number of diseases, including dementia, arthritis, high blood pressure and mental health issues.

Seniors who are winding down their working lives often wonder how best to focus on staying active in retirement. By taking the following steps, you can help keep your mind and body in top shape as you age.

4 Ways to Maintain an Active Senior Lifestyle

  1. – Choose an Active Senior Living Community
  2. – Exercise Regularly
  3. – Stay Social
  4. – Get Out and About


Choose an Active Senior Living Community

If you’re considering a move to a senior living community, take a look at the various amenities and services that can support your active lifestyle. Ask about fitness facilities and programs, such as yoga and water aerobics classes, and the presence of trained personnel who can assist with your efforts toward staying active in retirement. At an active retirement community, you’ll find a number of features to help you stay fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. At The Cypress of Charlotte, we provide our residents with a wide range of ways to stay active, and our Concierge and Activities Coordinator work hard to ensure that we offer something for everyone.  Our residents keep active with continuing education classes, listening to speakers, participating in field trips, dancing, engaging in the arts, playing games and more.  We also keep our grounds in beautiful condition year-round, so residents can enjoy our winding walking trails, gorgeous lake and raised-bed gardens. 

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Exercise Regularly

Once you become a resident of an active senior living community, it’s important that you take advantage of the many options to keep your body healthy. Whether you walk, swim, dance, attend classes or play croquet, getting your body moving on a regular basis is critical for maintaining and strengthening your muscles, bones, heart and more. If you like being around others, you’ll likely enjoy getting involved in group classes and activities.

Active Senior Living Resident Playing Croquet

Stay Social

Regularly interacting with others — including loved ones and friends— can help stymie health issues including depression, fatigue, poor autoimmune responses and memory loss. Participating in activities with other people also helps keep you stimulated and engaged in everyday life.

Seniors’ social engagement can slow down as they age. In an active senior living community like The Cypress, you’ll be part of a caring community and have multiple opportunities every day to interact with others and keep your brain sharp.

Get Out and About

Interacting with the surrounding community also can benefit your efforts for staying active in retirement. Most local communities offer numerous opportunities to volunteer, and there’s likely a child at a school near you who would love to have a surrogate grandparent and mentor. A variety of nonprofit organizations also typically need help with answering phones, serving meals to the homeless and other important tasks.  At The Cypress, our Activities Coordinator helps connect residents interested in volunteering with options available in the Charlotte area.

Active Senior Living Cypress Resident Racing

Many Methods for Staying Active in Retirement

If you’re interested in keeping active as you age, consider the benefits of a senior living community like The Cypress of Charlotte, where you can participate in regular exercise programs, maintain vital social connections and help better your local community by volunteering.  With a full-time Concierge and Activities Coordinator on hand, our residents have no trouble maintaining an active, fun, and healthy lifestyle in retirement.

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