5 Healthy Mexican Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is upon us, and here at The Cypress of Charlotte, our mouths are watering for some delicious and healthy Mexican food. We’ve pulled together some of the best recipes we’ve found to create a scrumptious, health-supporting Mexican menu for the big day!

Zippy Chicken Enchiladas

For the main dish, we love enchiladas — preferably with chicken, since it’s lower than beef in saturated fat and cholesterol. These Zippy Chicken Enchiladas are easy to make, especially if you start with pre-cooked chicken. Spicy enchilada sauce adds pep, and you can go a little hotter by adding some jalapenos and salsa on the side.

To lower the salt and fat content, we like using reduced-sodium cream of chicken soup, reduced-fat or fat-free shredded cheese, and fat-free refried beans.


Grilled Corn Mexican Salad

For the perfect side dish to your chicken enchiladas, try this Grilled Corn Mexican Salad. This recipe starts with fresh, healthy ears of corn and adds lime juice for the perfect Cinco de Mayo taste. After you grill your corn, cut it into wedges and add the remaining ingredients for a tasty salad. To lower the fat, try a reduced-fat variety of mayo.

mexican corn

Traditional Mexican Guacamole

It wouldn’t be Cinco de Mayo without creamy, delicious guacamole! This traditional recipe couldn’t be simpler or healthier, and the limited number of ingredients lets the flavor of the avocados shine through. For best taste, be sure to use the freshest tomatoes you can find.guacamole

Sparkling Margaritas

You can’t have a Cinco de Mayo meal without Margaritas, but if you’re not a fan of the traditional sugary and salty brew, there are multiple healthier options. We like this super-easy recipe for Sparkling Margaritas, which uses low-glycemic agave nectar in place of the sugar and doesn’t incorporate added salt.

For the kids and for those who prefer to avoid alcohol, try these Frozen Lemon-Berry Margaritas, sans the tequila. With lots of fresh berries, this frozen treat delivers plenty of vitamins and healthy fiber along with great taste.


Tres Leches Cake with Strawberries

This recipe is a little lighter than many versions of Tres Leches Cake, which typically is overly sweet. While the cake is most definitely a dessert treat, you can boost its health quotient by going light on the cake and heavy on the fresh strawberries to round out your Cinco de Mayo meal.

If you love delicious food, you’ll love The Cypress! Every day, our chefs prepare a range of healthy, sumptuous dishes that delight our residents. To learn more about how The Cypress can support your healthy lifestyle, please contact us today.

tres leches

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