Senior “Country Club” Retirement Community For All

Benefits of a Country Club Retirement Community

A country club lifestyle can still be enjoyed while living in a senior living retirement community. It’s the perfect senior living environment for multiple reasons.

  • – Make new friends that will last a lifetime. 
  • – Have a sense of community with people your own age. 
  • – Maintenance free, so you can focus on your retired lifestyle.
  • – Activities galore to keep you as busy or as free as you’d like.
  • – Receive catered healthcare that grows and changes with you through a continuing care plan.


Why a Retirement Community is Important

Whether it’s meeting up with a friend for coffee each week, celebrating good times together, or being there for each other during the hard times – having a close knit community of friends is a luxury. 

Independence in Senior Living

Many people fear that moving into a retirement community environment means losing freedom and independence. Living in a senior retirement community actually means the exact opposite. Live as independently as you want. At retirement communities you can join activities, attend outings, and participate in as much or as little as you choose. 

Leave Your Burdens Behind

The best part of it all is leaving the burdens of your old lifestyle behind. No more worrying about mowing the lawn, watering the flowers, or making repairs on the house. 

Country club retirement communities allow you to enjoy the benefits of living independently with the reassurance that maintenance and medical care is right at your fingertips if you happen to need it. The Cypress of Charlotte is a Continuing Care Retirement Community, also shortened to CCRC. This means that if and when you need the care, the care grows with you for the long term. 

Retirement Living in Charlotte is the Best Living

Retiring doesn’t have to mean slowing down. It’s the time where you can finally focus on yourself and getting back into the things you love to do. Many retirement communities have a variety of activities, classes, and clubs that you can get involved in. If you’re interested in art, you can take a painting class. If you’re an active adult and want to maintain physical fitness, you have many options to join a group to work out with at the community gym. 

There’s More Than Meets The Eye at Senior Living Communities

A lot of senior communities are also now offering continuing education classes. If you’re motivated to pick up that degree you never got, or maybe you just love to learn new things, this is the place for you to do that. 

You can spend some time improving your game on the golf course or enjoy an afternoon of gardening. Unwind in the evenings by attending a movie night, joining in on a game of cards, or hitting it big with a game of bingo. Create relationships with others who share your same interests. There’s a large variety of things to choose from in a country club retirement living community so there’s a little something for everyone.

Join the Club, the Retirement Community Club

You no longer have to cringe at the thought of retirement home living. Join the unique country club senior living environment that you deserve after working hard for so many years. 

From the activities, to new friendships, to the level of care available a senior retirement community might just be the perfect choice for you.

Reach out, schedule a tour and visit your new home here at The Cypress of Charlotte.


“Get outside and enjoy the sunshine…it’s good for you.”

I tell my kids all the time, “Get outside and enjoy the sunshine…it’s good for you.” Seems this sound advice from Mom has real merit. Studies show that just a few minutes of sunshine each day has real health benefits. Our bodies need Vitamin D from the sun because it is not produced naturally. If we do not have enough Vitamin D, we feel depressed. This lack of sunshine and Vitamin D deficiency is a major component in seasonal depression. However, those who get outside and go for a walk in the sunshine feel revitalized!! This leads to increased energy levels and a decrease in tension, depression and anger.

So, instead of jumping on a tread mill in the gym or navigating down long, dark hallways of other communities, lace up your shoes and go for a walk outside……on the campus of The Cypress. I’m told everyday by visitors at The Cypress, your residents are so much friendlier. I truly believe our members feel better and I believe it has to do with getting outside, going for a walk in the sunshine and getting some fresh air.

The Cypress campus is perfect for enjoying a walk in the sunshine. 65 acres of beautiful landscaping. Two lakes, waterfalls and water gardens and many cheerful friends along the way. I don’t know what lifts your spirits more…the sunshine and fresh air or the happy faces of friends along the way. Either way, you are bound to feel better. Come join us at The Cypress…for a walk in the sun!!

“Livelier than my country club crowd”

I received the comment below yesterday from “One glad son” of one of our Cypress Members:

Went to Sunday Brunch at The Cypress again yesterday and it always lifts my spirits.  I’m 23 years younger than my parents, but it seems that Mom and Dad and their friends are livelier than my country club crowd.  They really enjoy where the live and I don’t think they have ever been happier.  My sister and I feel blessed that they are in such a positive environment.

One glad son

He’s right! The Cypress community – fascinating people in a place free from worry with opportunities to do about anything and everything one would want – creates wonderful times on a daily basis, not only for our Members, but for their families, too. With more than 100 different scheduled activities a month, not to mention the conviviality of meals and other social encounters, a lively and healthy “vibe”  is constantly generated; one that puts unavoidable smiles on faces. Just walk on our campus and you will see so yourself!

And for those Members who prefer (or need!) moments of quiet solitude, our 62-acre campus provides countless places, both indoors and outside, to reflect and recharge. Speaking of outside, a recent study shows being outside, as our gardens, lakes and walking trails invite,  adds more to wellness than almost anything, but more on that next week.

Thank you “glad son!”