Chef Wars 2020

Between August 10th and 13th we tantalized everyone with new daily cooking videos, along with recipes, food fact tidbits, quizzes and more. Throughout the week, our own Executive Chef Dave Thomas from The Cypress Retirement Community along with other area Chefs prepared desserts and appetizers for your viewing pleasure.

You all joined us for the main event on Friday, August 14th to vote for your favorite dish, chat virtually with your favorite chefs, win door prizes or even a dish delivered right to your door. AND THE CYPRESS OF CHARLOTTE WON! 

This is such a wonderful event that we love to participate in, and we really love it when we win! Check out the videos below –

4 Reasons Why Life Begins at Retirement

4 Reasons Why Life Begins at Retirement

Free time. Fun. Friends. Family. Food. Travel. All of these are commonly advertised reasons why life begins at retirement, even perceived as “the golden years” of someone’s life. Research shows that it’s not just retirement that lengthens your life expectancy, but what you do during that time that contributes positively to your overall health. Not only can you say that life begins at retirement, but life also prospers at retirement. Read on for some positive perks you can expect after you begin the next chapter of your life.


  1. Good for You.

    Being free from work responsibilities is a profound source of stress relief and it shows when you enter retirement. A Dutch study analyzing retiree data in the U.S. found surprising results concluding that about seven years of retirement can be as good for your health as reducing the chance of getting a serious disease (like diabetes or heart conditions) by 20 percent. Engaging in wellness programs like circuit training or a swim class, attending regular social activities or even taking a walk can all have positive impacts on your overall health and well being. Many retirement communities approach wellness in a comprehensive way, covering multiple dimensions of their residents’ health ranging from physical, emotional, spiritual and even vocational (volunteerism) aspects. Ensuring a well rounded approach can support their life expectancy and also quality of life while they are maintaining an active lifestyle.

  2. Room to Make Memories.

    Retirement isn’t just the dawn of the empty nest, but also the opportunity to make new memories. It’s true that we make time for the things that are important to us, but when your day is up to you, it becomes easier to prioritize how you want to spend your free time. Now that your week is less structured by the Monday through Friday work week, you don’t have to conform to all things fun and family for just two days. This new, bonus room of time and energy is discretionary, or a recreational wild card for whatever you’re interested in doing, learning, exploring, etc. Many seniors find themselves dating again, finding joy in simple pleasures like cooking or painting, or finally discovering the mental space to finish their memoir. A vacant guest room doesn’t mean you are alone, you can start filling up your living space with you and your passions, which can feel like a new beginning for many. Start thinking of this chapter with the prefix “re” as you would find in the term “retirement”, but more like “renewal”, “rebirth”, or even “rebound”. Retirement can be the greenhouse that gives you the room and resources to blossom. 

  3. Focus on Family and Friends.

    Your family and friends will always be on your priority list, but after you retire, the roles may shift slightly. Instead of being the primary caretaker, you can shift attention back on you, your needs, dreams or desires. Being a parent or even a grandparent sure is rewarding, but more so if you have the time to recharge. Friends, if they have hit the same milestone of retirement, are suddenly filling your social calendar up with get-togethers and group getaways. Whether you’re the matriarch or the patriarch of the family, your home is often the hub of all family activities. With a spacious, custom home in a close knit community setting is the perfect backdrop for casual visits or family holidays, with you at the center of the excitement.

  4. Exploring You and Your World.

    An open calendar can lead to an open door- to traveling and exploring your world. Retirement is the most opportune time to discover something new and distance yourself from the normal comforts of home. Booking that flight for a food tour of Italy or reserving a romantic getaway in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains could be the start of a tiny adventure. Let your passport be your guide to new tastes, people, cultures, sights and beyond. You now have the time and head space to welcome new experiences or chase old dreams that called the back burner home while you were working. 

Life Begins at Retirement, and Prospers at The Cypress of Charlotte

When you’re ready to to take the leap into retirement, we encourage you to come and see all The Cypress of Charlotte has to offer firsthand. Life begins at retirement, and life really prospers at The Cypress of Charlotte.  Please call us today at 704.714.5500 to learn more or schedule a tour. 

How To Find The Perfect High End Senior Living

How To Find The Perfect High End Senior Living Community


If you’re beginning to picture the possibilities of a worry-free lifestyle, then now may be the right time to start evaluating high end senior living communities. Of course, everyone has a different definition of perfect. Carefully consider several communities to identify the one that appeals to your tastes and needs. Moreover, you want to find the place that you can rightly call home. Following are some of the top factors to think about before making your move. 


Location, Location

Where you choose to live says a lot about how you wish to live. What are your priorities? Do you envision yourself soaking up the sun and fun in a coastal location? Members of our prestigious sister community, The Cypress of Hilton Head, dip their toes in the ocean and play golf year around. 

Other seniors may prefer the vibrant and exhilarating “city life,” where diverse arts, culture, entertainment, and dining venues abound. Members of The Cypress of Raleigh are frequent North Carolina Symphony patrons, for example. 

And yet, some retirees want to be close to their families. Many Members of The Cypress of Charlotte take great pride in hosting their children and grandchildren for Sunday brunch, then retreating to their homes for joyful family gatherings.   


Community Type   

There are different types of high-end senior living communities, each with varying levels of services and amenities. One such type is the Life Plan Community, formerly known as the Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC. Life Plan Communities offer a broad range of living options, and a continuum of care designed to meet the changing needs of residents as they age. 

For those who desire to age in place, a Life Plan Community is the best option. You can avoid having to relocate to another facility, should your health needs change. In like manner, Life Plan Communities are especially good options for couples; partners can remain physically close, should their care needs diverge. 


Housing Options 

If you’re accustomed to living life on your terms, then seek an upscale senior community that allows you to customize your home, your way. When you have a say in the accouterments of your new home, from flooring to finishes to individual touches, you’ll have a perfect fit from day one. 

In addition, take note of the range of floor plans, from styles to sizes, that various  senior living communities offer. If you’re ready to embrace a minimalist, clutter-free lifestyle, then a sleek, modern villa might be a good decision for you. On the other hand, a spacious cottage could be better suited to house an extensive collection of arts and antiques. There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s all about finding the optimal fit for the way you want to live. 


Financial Model 

If you’re shopping for an upscale senior facility, then you’ve no doubt invested a great deal of care in the management of your personal finances. For this reason, the financial model offered by the retirement community is an important consideration, as there are a range of models to choose from.

Many communities require large, non-refundable entrance fees. Others allow for a pro-rated portion of the entrance fee to be refunded, should you decide to move elsewhere for any reason. In either case, once you’ve paid the entrance fee, you essentially become a renter. 

A few high-end senior communities, such as The Cypress of Charlotte, offer equity ownership. This model grants the benefits of home ownership, like the opportunity to build equity as the housing market appreciates. Equity ownership can be a valuable financial tool for both residents and their heirs. 

In addition, ask about any debt owed by the community to lenders or investors. If an upscale senior facility owes debt, then the monthly fees that you pay are applied to debt service. However, if the community is debt-free, the fees will go towards things that will make your life their more enjoyable. It will also enhance the longterm stability of the community. 


High-End Services and Amenities 

One of the perks of having worked long and hard, is to now be able to kick back and enjoy the good life. High-end senior living communities offer a host of services and amenities that add pleasure and ease to our daily life. 

Many of these services and amenities are included in the monthly fees that you will pay. It’s important to understand what is included, so you can decide what’s valuable to you. At this stage, it’s all about defining your preferences. 

Some of the perks to look for may include

  • Meals credits,
  • Home delivery of meals, 
  • Complimentary breakfast,
  • Home maintenance,
  • Housekeeping and linen services,
  • Utilities,
  • Transportation and valet services,
  • Concierge, activities, and event planning, 
  • A fenced and gated community,
  • And round-the-clock security



To paraphrase the comedian Steve Martin, the older we get, the more important each meal becomes. If you’re like many of today’s savvy seniors, dining is high on your list of priorities as you’re comparing upscale communities. The quality of the food, but also the range of menu options and dining spaces, from casual to formal, can make a big difference. After all, there are not many restaurants that you visit several hundred times a year. So the food has to good, and being offered a variety of choices every day keeps things fresh and inspiring.  



We all know that a proactive approach to wellness can help you live a longer, healthier, and more satisfying life. But people move to retirement communities at different levels of fitness and abilities. So, learn about the range of fitness facilities and programs that different communities provide. You will discover a range of philosophies, as well as offerings from group classes to individualized assessment and training. In addition, the natural environment of the community itself can either provide or restrict opportunities for outdoor exercise on campus. 

Some of the wellness programs available at high-end senior living communities today include

  • Balance and strength,
  • Cardio,
  • Aqua aerobics,
  • Water walking and range of motion,
  • Tai chi,
  • Yoga,
  • And in-home exercise 



Although we’d rather not think about it, a reality of aging is that access to healthcare can be a vital consideration. Some “active adult” retirement communities do not offer onsite healthcare services. So, you would have to live elsewhere for anything from respite care – when recovering from an illness or surgery – to longterm assisted living. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Life Plan Communities (or CCRCs) offer virtually every level of healthcare onsite, from recuperative care to Homecare, to 24-hour assisted living, administered by Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants. 

It is also important for you to know upfront what you can expect to pay for these services when offered by upscale retirement facilities. As an example, The Cypress of Charlotte, as well as The Cypress communities in Raleigh and Hilton Head Island, offer 90 days free for Members in their Medicare-certified senior care facilities. 

If you have questions about Medicare, here is a great article that can answer all of your questions.



If you’ve already started thinking about simplifying your life (and if you’re reading this article, that probably includes you or someone close to you) then now is probably a good time to begin looking at high-end senior living communities. Generally speaking, the sooner you begin your search, the more choices you’ll have. And the more opportunity you’ll have to weigh the multitude of considerations, to assure you select the best community for you. 

One of the misconceptions of transitioning to a senior living community, is that you’ll lose your freedom. But many residents of retirement communities find that their freedom and leisure increase beyond what they had in their prior home. They now have the time to do all the things they’ve always wanted to do, rather than worrying about the things they’ve always had to to. Simply put, most residents of upscale senior facilities wish they’d moved sooner. 


Why The Cypress of Charlotte May Be A Good Fit For You

When you’re ready to begin shopping for an upscale senior facility, we encourage you to come and see all The Cypress of Charlotte has to offer firsthand. Your future could be filled with long walks around our scenic lakes and grounds, exceptional dining that rivals Charlotte’s best restaurants, and abundant wellness and social opportunities. At The Cypress of Charlotte, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of true home ownership, yet none of the burdens of upkeep will fall of your shoulders. And should you ever need it, comprehensive healthcare is available onsite in our 5-star quality rated Stewart Health Center. Please call us today at 704.714.5500 to learn more or schedule a tour. 

Fun Things for Senior Citizens to Do

Fun Things for Senior Citizens to Do


Your definition of fun may look different than others or may even evolve as you mature but as long as it brings you joy, there are plenty of fun things for senior citizens to do. What you do can positively impact who you are and how you enjoy your best life in those golden retirement years. In fact, staying engaged and active just 15 minutes a day is linked to living longer, so why not spend it doing something you find entertaining? Check out some of the common (and not so common) activities that you can enjoy when you reach the season of life where your only job is having the time of your life.


You’re a Natural

Whether you like to watch wildlife from the comfort of your balcony window or actually participate with a hike or a backyard garden, seniors often find nature to have a calming, renewal effect. Simply unplugging from your usual electronics and indulging in some fresh air sure is appealing during the warmer months when everything is in bloom.

Visiting your local park or pioneering a new walking trail are accessible gateways to enjoying the outdoors. Dogs have been known to be natural companions to encourage trips outside, sometimes transforming a serene stroll into a frolicking adventure if you let them. If you are not a fan of interacting with nature, simply dine al fresco to take in all the chirping, breezy ambience. 


Fitness that Fits

Initiating or maintaining your exercise routine supports leading an independent lifestyle, especially in a community setting that has all the amenities available on-site. Because it is a naturally dynamic and customizable activity, it’s also a prime opportunity to fall in love with a new form of fitness like Zumba, Yoga or Tai Chi. If the exercise that Zumba features in many of it’s choreography feels more like dancing then you are bound to enjoy yourself every high energy step of the way, plus the group setting is great for social wellness.

Many programs modify the intensity so seniors can get the most out of it without straining joints or muscles. In fact, research shows that Yoga for seniors can actually help prevent the onset of osteoporosis, relieve stress, improve sleep habits, and strengthen those bodily systems (balance, flexibility, inflammation) that traditionally break down with age. A fun activity that is also good for your well being? Outstanding.


Hands On Creation

It’s never too late to create something original and one of the best ways to feel more vibrant is to invoke change with your own two hands. There is genuine artistry in everything, but if you choose sculpture, gardening or knitting those are great options to start the process of making something you can be proud to share or cherish. So go ahead and grow those heirloom tomatoes, make a quilt from old t-shirts, or glaze a mug that will soon be your go to goblet for your morning coffee. Remember, there are no boundaries or rules to what fun looks like, just the fact that you can find fun things to do is a little victory worth celebrating. 


Find Your Social Center

Clubhouses are usually the center of activity in any continuing care retirement community but if you find your social core, a big event could be just as fun as an intimate dinner party. Bring the fun inside with a home movie night or a book club meeting. Making connections and staying connected to the people who make you laugh is the best company to keep. Invite a neighbor over for a drink, FaceTime your grandkids, or take your spouse out for dinner.

You are now available to make the most of every moment, and how fun is it to indulge in a wine tasting in the middle of week? The possibilities are boundless when friends and family come together.


Helping Others

Finding your happiness sometimes looks like helping someone find their own. Being altruistic is a profound way to not only do some good, but also feel good about yourself. Volunteering opportunities are everywhere and can be rewarding. Donating your time or resources to your local humane society, non-profit organizations or a neighbor in need gives a deeper sense of fulfillment than sitting passively in front of the television.

Spending an afternoon or a couple weekends teaching school aged kids how to read, or serving the underserved populations some home cooked food definitely nourishes your soul muscles and brings joy to the masses.


Creative Ways

Fun things for senior citizens to do may only be possible by imaginative self-starting, so instead of waiting for perfect conditions or existing activities, forge your own “fun foundation” by creating a bird watching jogging group, or amateur chef charity program in your community. If one of your retirement goals is to do the things you love whether its a solo activity or involves the whole family, now is the time to actualize those dreams into motion.

Remember, the happiest people make time for the things they deem worthy and finding joy in everyday life definitely seems to be worthwhile. 


The Cypress of Charlotte

Looking for a refreshing take on retirement living? The Cypress of Charlotte offers luxury level amenities and on-site healthcare in a close knit community. Contact us to learn more about our exceptional life plan community and all the fun things for senior citizens to do right here on our campus!


8 Reasons to Move to a Charlotte Retirement Community

For today’s active seniors, the idea of “retiring” is often a foreign concept so a retirement community in Charlotte may not be on their radar. Far from slowing down, many seniors feel that they’re just getting started.

Fortunately, modern retirement communities support highly active, social, healthy and vibrant lifestyles. The Charlotte retirement community has helped us create this list of reasons that helped them decide to make the move to a Charlotte, North Carolina senior living community like The Cypress of Charlotte.

8 Reasons to Move to a Retirement Community in Charlotte, North Carolina

  1. – An Engaged, Healthy Way of Life
  2. – No Maintenance Required
  3. – A Full Spectrum of Care
  4. – Delectable Dining
  5. – Streamlined Budgeting
  6. – Socializing
  7. – Safety and Security
  8. – Living Near Loved Ones


An Engaged, Healthy Way of Life

Senior living communities offer a range of programming to meet every preference. Whether you prefer attending classes or lectures, enjoying musical or dramatic performances, keeping fit, socializing, going on day trips, getting out into nature or simply enjoying a good book in a comfortable chair, you’ll find plenty of active options to stimulate your mind and body.

Retirement community in Charlotte activity to see live music

Charlotte retirement community actiivty to visit the Mint Museum

No Maintenance Required

Many senior living communities require very little maintenance or are completely maintenance-free. So instead of worrying about yard work or the state of your roof, you’re free to engage in activities you love or spend time with friends and family.

A Full Spectrum of Care

Continuing-care retirement communities (CCRCs) like The Cypress offer a full spectrum of care for every stage of living. Even when you’re active and healthy, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that care is available should you ever need it. A CCRC will provide you with quality health care for every phase of life.

Delectable Dining

If you can sometimes do without cooking, we have no doubt you’ll love the dining options available in a highly rated senior living community. From casual bistros to formal dining rooms, multiple dining venues typically are available. With trained chefs providing amazing creations every day of the week, your taste buds will be sufficiently pampered.

Charlotte retirement community dining room

Streamlined Budgeting

In a senior living community, your bills will be simplified and consolidated into a monthly fee that covers most of your living expenses. Many residents save money as they downsize to smaller homes or move to less-costly areas of the country. At The Cypress, residents also receive the advantages of building home equity.


In a senior living community, you can be alone when you want, but you need never feel lonely. There are always activities going on, and you can always find a friendly neighbor who’d love to join you for a chat or as a dinner companion.

Cypress group at dinner

Safety and Security

Residents tell us they enjoy the feeling of security in a senior living community. With transportation provided to shopping, doctor’s appointments, church and more, there’s no need to drive if you don’t want to. And with security personnel on-site, you can feel safe in your home.

Living Near Loved Ones

Many seniors who move to a CCRC in Charlotte, NC, do so to be near their children and grandchildren. By living closer, you can see your loved ones more often and enjoy participating in important events like weddings, graduations and birthdays.

Why Move to a Retirement Community in Charlotte, North Carolina?

If “retiring” is the furthest thing from your mind, you’ll love the fun and healthy lifestyle you can enjoy in today’s active continuing care retirement communities. To learn more about living well at The Cypress of Charlotte, please contact us.


There’s No Dining Like The Cypress Dining!

There are many reasons why people love The Cypress of Charlotte outside of Cypress dining:

  • – The buzz of activity
  • – the award-winning health care
  • – the beautiful scenery

But let’s talk about the delicious Cypress dining.

Cypress Dining

At the Cypress of Charlotte, we know how important good food is. People come together over a good meal, which is why we aim to have the highest quality food and service possible. Not only that but good food and good nutrition is especially important for healthy senior living. The Cypress culinary team gives you flavor, fun and wellness all wrapped up in a delicious meal.

2 Terrific Restaurants to Choose From

Our retirement community cannot only boast about having one terrific restaurant, but two restaurants on The Cypress campus! If you’re looking for a more elegant dining experience, The Cypress Club is for you.

The Cypress Club

In our beautiful dining room, you can enjoy dining with friends and guests all while receiving the utmost service from our professional wait staff.

Cypress Dining Room   Cypress Club Cypress Dining Room

The Copper Grille

For a more relaxed approach to dining, try enjoying your meals at the Copper Grille! Complete with a fully stocked, classic looking bar, double sided fireplace and informal dress code, the Copper Grille will wow your taste buds with its wide array of menu items from Maryland crab cake sliders to our signature sirloin. Not only that, but both restaurants also provide home delivery.

New-dining_2_758x521   Copper Grile Bar Front


Cypress Dining Gets Even Better

Can dining at The Cypress get any better than that? Yes, it can. While our members enjoy meals from our restaurants, they are also treated to a variety of special themed event dinners throughout the year. Anything from an Italian buffet to a low country boil, our members get to sample and feast on a variety of dishes from all over the world.

       germancollage   easterbuffett                          

Click here to see more info, pictures and menus from The Cypress of Charlotte!

4 Ways to Maintain Active Senior Living

Staying Active in Retirement is Important

At The Cypress of Charlotte, we believe that it’s extremely important to practice active senior living in retirement—and we’re not alone!  Research has found multiple benefits for seniors who stay active. Regular physical exercise and maintaining social connections can actually help ward off or prevent a number of diseases, including dementia, arthritis, high blood pressure and mental health issues.

Seniors who are winding down their working lives often wonder how best to focus on staying active in retirement. By taking the following steps, you can help keep your mind and body in top shape as you age.

4 Ways to Maintain an Active Senior Lifestyle

  1. – Choose an Active Senior Living Community
  2. – Exercise Regularly
  3. – Stay Social
  4. – Get Out and About


Choose an Active Senior Living Community

If you’re considering a move to a senior living community, take a look at the various amenities and services that can support your active lifestyle. Ask about fitness facilities and programs, such as yoga and water aerobics classes, and the presence of trained personnel who can assist with your efforts toward staying active in retirement. At an active retirement community, you’ll find a number of features to help you stay fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. At The Cypress of Charlotte, we provide our residents with a wide range of ways to stay active, and our Concierge and Activities Coordinator work hard to ensure that we offer something for everyone.  Our residents keep active with continuing education classes, listening to speakers, participating in field trips, dancing, engaging in the arts, playing games and more.  We also keep our grounds in beautiful condition year-round, so residents can enjoy our winding walking trails, gorgeous lake and raised-bed gardens. 

Cypress of Charlotte Lake

Exercise Regularly

Once you become a resident of an active senior living community, it’s important that you take advantage of the many options to keep your body healthy. Whether you walk, swim, dance, attend classes or play croquet, getting your body moving on a regular basis is critical for maintaining and strengthening your muscles, bones, heart and more. If you like being around others, you’ll likely enjoy getting involved in group classes and activities.

Active Senior Living Resident Playing Croquet

Stay Social

Regularly interacting with others — including loved ones and friends— can help stymie health issues including depression, fatigue, poor autoimmune responses and memory loss. Participating in activities with other people also helps keep you stimulated and engaged in everyday life.

Seniors’ social engagement can slow down as they age. In an active senior living community like The Cypress, you’ll be part of a caring community and have multiple opportunities every day to interact with others and keep your brain sharp.

Get Out and About

Interacting with the surrounding community also can benefit your efforts for staying active in retirement. Most local communities offer numerous opportunities to volunteer, and there’s likely a child at a school near you who would love to have a surrogate grandparent and mentor. A variety of nonprofit organizations also typically need help with answering phones, serving meals to the homeless and other important tasks.  At The Cypress, our Activities Coordinator helps connect residents interested in volunteering with options available in the Charlotte area.

Active Senior Living Cypress Resident Racing

Many Methods for Staying Active in Retirement

If you’re interested in keeping active as you age, consider the benefits of a senior living community like The Cypress of Charlotte, where you can participate in regular exercise programs, maintain vital social connections and help better your local community by volunteering.  With a full-time Concierge and Activities Coordinator on hand, our residents have no trouble maintaining an active, fun, and healthy lifestyle in retirement.

Senior “Country Club” Retirement Community For All

Benefits of a Country Club Retirement Community

A country club lifestyle can still be enjoyed while living in a senior living retirement community. It’s the perfect senior living environment for multiple reasons.

  • – Make new friends that will last a lifetime. 
  • – Have a sense of community with people your own age. 
  • – Maintenance free, so you can focus on your retired lifestyle.
  • – Activities galore to keep you as busy or as free as you’d like.
  • – Receive catered healthcare that grows and changes with you through a continuing care plan.


Why a Retirement Community is Important

Whether it’s meeting up with a friend for coffee each week, celebrating good times together, or being there for each other during the hard times – having a close knit community of friends is a luxury. 

Independence in Senior Living

Many people fear that moving into a retirement community environment means losing freedom and independence. Living in a senior retirement community actually means the exact opposite. Live as independently as you want. At retirement communities you can join activities, attend outings, and participate in as much or as little as you choose. 

Leave Your Burdens Behind

The best part of it all is leaving the burdens of your old lifestyle behind. No more worrying about mowing the lawn, watering the flowers, or making repairs on the house. 

Country club retirement communities allow you to enjoy the benefits of living independently with the reassurance that maintenance and medical care is right at your fingertips if you happen to need it. The Cypress of Charlotte is a Continuing Care Retirement Community, also shortened to CCRC. This means that if and when you need the care, the care grows with you for the long term. 

Retirement Living in Charlotte is the Best Living

Retiring doesn’t have to mean slowing down. It’s the time where you can finally focus on yourself and getting back into the things you love to do. Many retirement communities have a variety of activities, classes, and clubs that you can get involved in. If you’re interested in art, you can take a painting class. If you’re an active adult and want to maintain physical fitness, you have many options to join a group to work out with at the community gym. 

There’s More Than Meets The Eye at Senior Living Communities

A lot of senior communities are also now offering continuing education classes. If you’re motivated to pick up that degree you never got, or maybe you just love to learn new things, this is the place for you to do that. 

You can spend some time improving your game on the golf course or enjoy an afternoon of gardening. Unwind in the evenings by attending a movie night, joining in on a game of cards, or hitting it big with a game of bingo. Create relationships with others who share your same interests. There’s a large variety of things to choose from in a country club retirement living community so there’s a little something for everyone.

Join the Club, the Retirement Community Club

You no longer have to cringe at the thought of retirement home living. Join the unique country club senior living environment that you deserve after working hard for so many years. 

From the activities, to new friendships, to the level of care available a senior retirement community might just be the perfect choice for you.

Reach out, schedule a tour and visit your new home here at The Cypress of Charlotte.


Top Things for Seniors to do Around Charlotte this Month

With sporting events, fresh foods, top museums, and a high quality of life, Charlotte has a lot to offer older adults. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite activities for seniors to enjoy around the Queen City. 

Things to Do In Charlotte in October and November

1. Experience the 16th Century at the Carolina Renaissance Festival

Open every Saturday and Sunday from Oct. 5 to Nov. 24, the Carolina Renaissance Festival is a great event to attend with friends or family, especially grandchildren. The festival includes live entertainment at 14 stages throughout the grounds. Catch comedians, jousting knights, acrobats, and other performances throughout the day, or just see the sights and peruse the artisan marketplace. Stop by any weekend between 10 am and 5:30 pm. Discount tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for children ages 5-12. Admission for children under 12 is free.

2. Get Together for Coffee

Before the busy holiday period, why not connect with friends for coffee and conversation? The metro Charlotte area is full of great coffee shops. Some local favorites include Not Just Coffee (which has several locations across Charlotte), Parliament Espresso And Coffee Bar, Central Coffee Company, Hex Coffee and Mugs Coffee.

3. Visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame 

You don’t need to be a race car enthusiast to enjoy a visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame features the plaques and medals you might expect, but it also explains NASCAR’s history and offers an interactive pit stop experience at the Race Week exhibit. Seniors 65+ receive a discount on tickets. While the NASCAR Hall of Fame is a fun experience any time of year, we like it for chilly winter days when you want to stay active, but don’t want to be outdoors.

However, from November 15th to January 5th, NASCAR Hall of Fame’s Plaza will also feature uptown Charlotte’s only outdoor skating rink. If you’re up for an adventure or have friends and family members who enjoy ice skating, this is a great place to go.

4. Learn Something New 

It’s always a great time to learn something new or increase your skill with a favorite hobby. While some classes are targeted toward seniors, others take an intergenerational approach. 

In Charlotte, seniors can attend the Senior Scholars Programs at Queens University of Charlotte, where they enjoy lectures from prominent speakers. Past topics have included gerrymandering and the Supreme Court, strategies for coping with difficult people, and a field trip to the Reed Gold Mine. 

Additionally, Central Piedmont Community College offers practical and personal enrichment courses in topics that include automotive, culinary arts, culture, language learning, personal finance, floral design, fitness, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and much more.

5. Spot Birds and Learn About Gardening at Wing Haven 

Wing Haven is a great experience any time of year, but fall and winter feature special programming including horticultural lectures, birding excursions, and gardening field trips. Upcoming programs include a senior bird walk, hands-on workshops, and Brisket & Brews, which brings together beef brisket from Improper Pig and local beers from Craft Tasting Room and Growler Shop. Check their calendar for event times in October and November.

6. Enjoy All-You-Can-Drink Wine at the South End Wine Festival

The South End Wine Festival is the perfect place to try new types of red, white, or rose rosé wine. With a $40 ticket, you get unlimited wine tasting from 2 pm to 6 pm on October 19, along with a souvenir sampling glass. There’s also an entire week of events surrounding the festival, starting on Tuesday Oct. 15 and going through Sunday, Oct. 20, so be sure to check out their website for more activities

7. Explore the Carolinas Aviation Museum 

North Carolina is pivotal to aviation history, and there’s no better place to learn about the history of flight than at the Carolinas Aviation Museum, which (appropriately enough) is located at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. There, you’ll find exhibits about commercial aircraft, military aircraft, and helicopters. When weather permits on weekends, you can visit an active ramp on a docent-led tour of several airplanes. Seniors get a discount on admission.

8. See Macbeth at Opera Carolina

Opera Carolina is putting on performances of Macbeth on November 7th, 9th, and 10th. The opera performance was created by Italian composed Giuseppe Verdi, who adapted Shakespeare’s original tragic play into an equally emotionally opera. Ticket prices start at $22, but range depending on seating.

9. Watch the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade

Held on Thursday, Nov. 28th at 9 am, Novant’s Thanksgiving Day parade marches down Tryon Street from 9th Street to Stonewall Street. It begins at 9 am and features a variety of colorful floats along with performances from local schools and institutions.

Take Advantage of Events at a Luxury Community

If you’ve visited Charlotte and enjoy the area, have you considered relocating? The Cypress of Charlotte is a luxury Life Plan Community in Charlotte where active and healthy older adults can live independently, enjoy community, and take advantage of all the wonderful things to do in Charlotte. 

How to Build Your Social Life in Senior Communities

Social health and mental fitness are as important for aging well as physical health, but many senior citizens find it challenging to keep up a busy social life as they get older. Becoming a part of an active retirement community can provide you with a variety of ways to fill your social calendar in retirement within a supportive and engaging environment.

The Benefits of Remaining Social and Active in Your Golden Years

Remaining physically active is often recognized as an important part of maintaining your health as you age, but staying mentally and socially active can be just as critical for boosting your emotional health and cognitive abilities. It can also be a crucial element in preserving a high quality of life. Seniors with a more fulfilling social life can typically avoid many of the most common physical, emotional and cognitive risks associated with continued isolation.

Health Benefits of Socialization

A vibrant social life in your golden years has been shown to reduce the risk factors for a wide range of health conditions, from cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis to osteoporosis and even some forms of cancer. Seniors who stay social can experience stronger immune systems, improved nutrition and lower blood pressure. Some of the biggest impacts that regular socialization can have on senior health are:

  • Stress relief. When you are more socially active you can see significant improvements in your cardiovascular health and improved immune system—two qualities that are linked to the ability to better handle stress.
  • Longer lifespan. Spending more time socializing can actually help seniors to increase longevity.
  • Lower risk of depression. You are much less likely to experience prolonged depression and feelings of loneliness if you are engaged in consistent socialization.
  • Better fitness levels. When you have a great group of friends and family to spend time with, you are much more likely to stay active and exercise regularly.
  • Improved self-esteem. It’s much easier to maintain a good sense of self-worth and better overall self-esteem when you have other people to share your life with.
  • Less anxiety. Seniors who socialize regularly also report reduced anxiety levels.


Cognitive Benefits of Socialization

Social activity has been demonstrated to provide a variety of less tangible benefits such as better cognitive functions, a greater sense of belonging and a deeper connection with the surrounding world.

Positive social interactions are ideal for keeping your mind stimulated and intellectually engaged. In fact, research suggests that regular socialization can be beneficial in preventing cognitive decline, including memory loss and forms of dementia like Alzheimer’s disease. Studies also show that people who have the opportunity to connect with others more often tend to perform better on memory tests and other cognitive assessments.

Many retirees who continue to live independently rather than joining a retirement community find their opportunities for daily social interactions diminished, making them more vulnerable to depression or even dementia.

7 Simple Tips to Boost Your Social Life as a Senior

1. Go Out and Meet New People

Even if you aren’t a naturally outgoing person, putting yourself in situations where you are face to face with others on a regular basis is a great way to meet new people. Get to know your neighbors, strike up a conversation at your favorite morning coffee stop and take the time to notice other seniors along your daily routine.

2. Organize an Event

Do you have a favorite hobby that you think others may enjoy learning about? Whether you already have a group of good friends or you’re more of a solo player, this is a great way to meet new people. Host a game night with bingo or card games, inviting anyone who is interested to come in and play a few rounds. If you get enough people involved, you can even organize a few cool prizes for the winners.

3. Workout

If you’re a senior who is interested in staying fit, going to a gym or yoga class can be a great way to meet like-minded individuals. Working out with others is the perfect way to stay motivated and have someone there to help keep you accountable for getting in that regular workout. If you can’t find a workout buddy on your own, there’s a good chance that your favorite fitness class will have a few new members joining each week.

4. Get Online

Using technology to grow and maintain your social circle is simple and easy. Spend a few minutes setting up a profile on your favorite social media platform and you can instantly reconnect with old pals, meet new ones and plan your next get-together. Technology can also help long-distance families and friends keep in touch, no matter the distance between them. From video chatting to sending a quick text, new technologies offer a unique opportunity to socialize and communicate with loved ones.

5. Volunteer

Most seniors find themselves with an excess of free time on their hands after they retire. So why not give back to your community and make some new friends by volunteering your time? There are plenty of wonderful volunteer opportunities in the greater Charlotte area that you’ll love. Choose from working with kids at one of our local museums, giving your time at a local shelter or fostering adoptable cats or dogs. Whatever you choose to do, you’re sure to make new friends while volunteering!

6. Explore New Places

Sometimes all it takes to grow your social circle is to push yourself out of your comfort zone a bit. If you find that you spend most days following the same old routine, now may be the perfect time to shake things up. Go hiking on Saturday mornings with a nature group or tour a nearby winery. Either way, you’ll get to step out of your regular routine and maybe make a friend or two along the way.

7. Adapt a Positive Mindset

Being proactive and on the search for new friends is important as we age. Where you once had school, work and your family to rely on whenever you wanted to make a new friend – in your retirement years things are different. Actively try to meet new people and be sure to mix up your routine every now and then. As you gain confidence, you’ll find that making lasting connections becomes much easier and you’ll begin to see the benefits of an active social life.

How Can Retirement Communities Help Increase Socialization for Seniors?

Staying active in your retirement years can be challenging, but becoming part of a retirement community offers seniors an easy way to bolster their social lives. Many higher-end continuing care retirement communities, such as The Cypress of Charlotte, offer their residents a variety of classes, clubs, and activities that allow them to stay socially connected in fun and engaging ways.

Taking classes or trying a new hobby are both wonderful ways to learn something new while fostering new friendships at the same time. Whether you’ve always wanted to try painting or you are interested in learning to dance, classes allow you to grow your personal network while remaining active and engaged. The Cypress of Charlotte, for example, offers a wide range of art and continuing education courses for its members.

Clubs and social events also provide substantial benefits for building out your social calendar. As with classes, you can tailor your options to meet your own personal interests while still building a robust network of friends. From book clubs and fitness groups to movie nights, dances and field trips, options abound within luxury senior communities.

A Luxury Continuing Care Retirement Community in Charlotte

At the Cypress of Charlotte, we are all about creating a safe, fun, and healthy environment for our residents. That’s part of the reason why we dedicated so much time and energy into planning great events and activities for our residents and their loved ones to enjoy year-round. Whether you are a social butterfly looking for a new class or you’re interested in improving your physical health in our fitness program—there is something for everyone to enjoy here.

While we encourage our residents to stay active and socialize, we also know that being the center of attention isn’t for everyone. So, we strive to offer a wide variety of activities and social events that every resident can enjoy. Some of our most popular activities include:

  • Live Concerts
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Water Aerobics
  • Field Trips
  • Dances
  • Card Games
  • Yacht Racing
  • Movie Events
  • Guest Speakers
  • Art Classes
  • Fitness Programs
  • Pickleball
  • And More!


Discover Senior Events and Activities at The Cypress

When you work hard at maintaining an active social life, you’ll be rewarding yourself in more ways than one. Increased socialization for seniors not only relives boredom and feelings of isolation, but it can help to improve your physical health and cognitive function as well. Your golden years should be a time of rest, relaxation, reflection, and fun! 

At The Cypress of Charlotte, our residents have access to a wealth of interesting events and activities to choose from. We want to make it easy for you to find new friends and maintain as active of a social life as you would like. As a luxury Life Plan Community, we cultivate a Country Club atmosphere with the availability of assisted living and skilled nursing care, if needed. For more information about life here at the Cypress or to schedule a tour, please contact us today

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