There’s No Dining Like The Cypress Dining!

There are many reasons why people love The Cypress of Charlotte outside of Cypress dining:

  • – The buzz of activity
  • – the award-winning health care
  • – the beautiful scenery

But let’s talk about the delicious Cypress dining.

Cypress Dining

At the Cypress of Charlotte, we know how important good food is. People come together over a good meal, which is why we aim to have the highest quality food and service possible. Not only that but good food and good nutrition is especially important for healthy senior living. The Cypress culinary team gives you flavor, fun and wellness all wrapped up in a delicious meal.

2 Terrific Restaurants to Choose From

Our retirement community cannot only boast about having one terrific restaurant, but two restaurants on The Cypress campus! If you’re looking for a more elegant dining experience, The Cypress Club is for you.

The Cypress Club

In our beautiful dining room, you can enjoy dining with friends and guests all while receiving the utmost service from our professional wait staff.

Cypress Dining Room   Cypress Club Cypress Dining Room

The Copper Grille

For a more relaxed approach to dining, try enjoying your meals at the Copper Grille! Complete with a fully stocked, classic looking bar, double sided fireplace and informal dress code, the Copper Grille will wow your taste buds with its wide array of menu items from Maryland crab cake sliders to our signature sirloin. Not only that, but both restaurants also provide home delivery.

New-dining_2_758x521   Copper Grile Bar Front


Cypress Dining Gets Even Better

Can dining at The Cypress get any better than that? Yes, it can. While our members enjoy meals from our restaurants, they are also treated to a variety of special themed event dinners throughout the year. Anything from an Italian buffet to a low country boil, our members get to sample and feast on a variety of dishes from all over the world.

       germancollage   easterbuffett                          

Click here to see more info, pictures and menus from The Cypress of Charlotte!

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