Tips for Choosing and Transitioning to a Retirement Community

Transitioning into a retirement community is much easier than you likely anticipated. Modern senior living has mass appeal because many communities are now offering luxurious accommodations and convenient amenities. Not all moves to retirement communities are based on need. Many seniors decide to make the transition because it makes the most sense financially. Consider the following as you begin to plan a move to a retirement community. 

Make the Move Sooner Than Later

Moving into a retirement community early helps you adjust better to this major life change. If you’re not well physically or mentally, the relocation can be taxing and lead to problems adjusting. Moving in early also gives you more time to enjoy the many benefits of the community such as fun outings, luxurious amenties and helpful services.

Make a Must List

If you know a community has the amenities you most desire, the transition will go much smoother. Write down a list of inclusions you want at your retirement community. For instance, if you’re a fan of long walks, you’ll want a place with nearby walking trails. If you’re the social butterfly type, you must review the community’s list of daily and monthly activities to see if they sound appealing. Meal options are also an integral part of community living. Find a center with delicious meals that will satisfy the most discerning palate.

Involve the Family

Researching communities should be a family affair. Your family members can offer their advice on options and can also do some research on your behalf. Ask them to accompany you on visits and speak to staff members. Your family can also assist you with developing a budget for your move. With their input, you could research costs and plan out your future living expenses.

If you’re worried about the separation from family members, make plans ahead of time. Keep a standing date with your relatives and friends to visit you on a weekly or monthly basis. Knowing that you’ll still have the support of family behind you will make the move so much easier.

Stay for Awhile

Before making the permanent move to a retirement community, consider an extended visit or temporary stay. Many communities encourage you to stay and test the waters before committing to a single retirement community. Get involved in local activities and meet other residents. Once you socialize with others, you’ll feel comfortable with your surroundings. Residents can also give you the inside scoop on what they enjoy most about living within the community. Talk to staff members too as much as possible. Before settling on a permanent residence, you want to get a sense you’ll be surrounded by caring professionals. Follow up with the residents and staff you meet at your visit to ask any questions you may later have about retirement living.

Get a Checkup

Talk to your doctor about moving into a retirement community. The community will be supportive as any health issues creep up or can assist with any pre-existing conditions. As an added convenience, a retirement community may have an onsite medical facility. This ensures 24/7 medical care is only steps away from home. Ask your doctor for any copies of medical records you may want to provide the community. You should also provide lists of any medications you take regularly and power of attorney paperwork.

Give Yourself Time

Don’t expect to feel right at home immediately after the move. As with any relocation, you need time to develop that sense of belonging. Decorate your home in your preferred style and make sure to hang up plenty of family photos. To help get settled, you should invite friends and family over to visit your new place. Introduce them to your new neighbors. Take part in community activities or simply have them tag along to a meal or go for a swim at the clubhouse pool.

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