“Knew it the second we drove in. It blew me away. We were Home.”

For most of our Charlotte senior community members, the picturesque campus is love at first sight. As you pull in from the prestigious SouthPark area of Charlotte, you pass by the impressive gatehouse and steer through heavily treed lanes to a gorgeous view of our sprawling clubhouse. The clubhouse is central to many of our luxurious amenities, but there is so much more to enjoy throughout the entire campus.

The Cypress of Charlotte’s beautiful campus is filled with 63 acres of scenic walking trails, manicured gardens, water features, and perfectly designed residential neighborhoods.

See for yourself. Take a virtual stroll now.


Walking Paths

Walking paths at The Cypress of Charlotte.Taking a stroll through our many winding walking trails is the perfect way to spend an afternoon at The Cypress. The trails have thoughtfully placed flora surrounding to give beauty to the campus throughout the seasons. All of the trails are carefully designed to connect and bring you to the clubhouse, or back to your home. The easy layout ensures Members, guests and loved ones will find it easy to navigate around campus while enjoying the beautifully manicured trails.

One of the highlights of living in Charlotte is witnessing the changing seasons, making each trip around the trails a fresh adventure each time. Even during the summer heat, the shade will ensure that everyone stays comfortable while enjoying the outdoors. Remaining physically active is an important part of maintaining a high quality of life for Members of the Cypress of Charlotte. These walking trails are the perfect opportunity to reset, explore or simply linger a little longer outdoors.


The Lake

The lake at Cypress of Charlotte's luxury community.The lake is the spiritual heart of The Cypress of Charlotte, providing the perfect appointment to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a book, with friends or with your thoughts. Benches are conveniently located around the lake to provide a special spot, filled with sunshine to warm your face and bring you peace of mind.

The benches have also been designed with comfort in mind. Members can catch up with their neighbors (turned friends) up, lounging or simply enjoying the beauty of the reflective lake. Families who come to visit are able to socialize on the edges of the lake as the laughter of grandchildren fills the heart. Members enjoy fishing in the lake! The varied aquatic wildlife provides the opportunity for a new adventure! The lake is a serene spot for families, friends and Members alike.


The Garden

The community garden at Cypress of Charlotte.The best way to connect with nature is to help cultivate it, planting herbs, flowers and seasonal vegetables, coaxing them to blossom and thrive. Our 34 raised bed gardens are available to Cypress members with all planting resources within arm’s reach. Delight a friend with a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers or a juicy tomato for a lovely summer salad. This is just one of the many features you will not find at other Charlotte communities.

As a unique aspect of the Cypress of Charlotte, the opportunity to Garden is one of the aspects that sets this community apart. Regardless of what’s planted, this is an opportunity for everyone to develop a new hobby, build on an existing one and enjoy the pride and joy of self-grown fruits and vegetables.


Take a Tour

Without a doubt, the Cypress of Charlotte has become one of the most popular locations for those looking to live in an inclusive community. By taking advantage of all that this campus has to offer, Members can maximize their livelihoods during their golden years, connecting with nature, their loved ones, and new friends.

Schedule a tour of the Cypress of Charlotte to see all the campus has to offer. If you can’t make it in person, you can enjoy a leisurely virtual stroll of our Charlotte retirement community.

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