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Equity Ownership

All the benefits of homeownership with none of the burdens.

When you purchase a home at The Cypress it comes with two major pluses, besides the luxury features.

One, the possibility of appreciation that will accrue. The same for you and your estate.

Two, a lifetime membership at The Cypress, which entitles you to all services and health care. This includes complete maintenance of your independent living home, both inside and out. So you have more time to take advantage of all the going’s on around the campus.

What Does Equity Ownership Mean?

Equity ownership is when you invest in a business. Your equity is your investment, minus any withdrawals or benefits you receive from the business. At The Cypress of Charlotte, you are investing in the community by purchasing a home. By doing so, you gain access to our continuing care services, including healthcare, in addition to the equity you’ll earn on your home.

While rental retirement communities are popular throughout the United States, there are many advantages to choosing an equity ownership retirement community. With equity ownership, you don’t have to worry about the common stressors that come along with renting, and you can instead enjoy full ownership privileges within the community.

Potential Members can think of an equity ownership home purchase as something very similar to a traditional real estate deal—where you often negotiate the final sale price with the previous owner. Members buy into equity ownership communities when they’re healthy and active. As care needs change, equity ownership provides access to higher levels of support, such as assisted living.

Equity Ownership vs. Renting

When seniors choose to rent a home or unit within a traditional retirement community, they typically pay a deposit, sign a lease, and pay a community fee. Rental rates vary based on the level of care needed, with independent living being the lower cost option and assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care rates increasing in conjunction with support needs. While transitioning between levels of care in a rental community, it may be necessary to move out of their home and to another community that fits their budget or their health care needs.

With equity ownership communities, Members purchase their home instead of renting their home, accumulating any associated equity over time. Monthly fees still apply to the property and are usually accrued based on the number of people living in the home. Monthly fees incorporate maintenance, meals, housekeeping, luxurious services and all condominium fees.

What Are the Benefits of Equity Ownership?

The biggest benefit of choosing to reside in a retirement community that offers equity ownership is the sense of security in knowing that your home is bought and paid for. Your home is yours for life, and if you purchase in a Life Plan Community like The Cypress, you can live at the same location until you pass on. At that point, your home can be resold, with your estate benefiting from the equity earned since your initial purchase.

Additionally, because you have equity ownership within the community, you have access to all the features offered there.

Equity Ownership FAQ

Do I have to pay an entrance fee? In most cases, communities that offer equity ownership options do not charge an entry fee.

I’m interested in a Life Plan Community What are my residential options? The Cypress will offer Members their choice of one or more residential living options. At The Cypress, our Members can choose between our luxury condominiums (The Villas), or our single-family homes (The Cottages).

Are all Life Plan Communities the same? No. As you search for the best retirement community to fit your needs, you will find that there are many differences. Most provide a wide range of lifestyle features, amenities and programs for seniors, and the equity model typically offers more financial security for Members and their financial futures.

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